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Dennis May Portrait

Shihan Dennis May is the Chief Instructor for the New Zealand Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Association (O.G.K.K.)

Dennis May began training in Martial Arts in 1969, first studying Judo then later joined the newly opened Kyokushinkai style that was established in Auckland under the leadership of Sensei Graham Wallace and Shihan Ken McLennan.

Sensei Graham Wallace and Shihan Ken McLennan

Sensei Graham Wallace (left)
Shihan Ken McLennan (right)

Sensei Graham Wallace

Sensei Graham Wallace

Harry May

Harry May : 1920's Boxing champion

Dennis comes from a strong boxing family, his grandfather Harry May was a New Zealand and Australasian Champion and World Ranked fighter in the early 1920's and his father Ron May was a leading boxing figure and former President of the Auckland Boxing Association and New Zealand Boxing Council Delegate.

At the age of 17 Dennis decided to study Karate full time and became a Uchi-Deshi (live in student) of Kancho Mas Oyama's then representative and Kyokushinkai chief instructor in New Zealand, Shihan John Jarvis, 5th Dan.

For the next 18 months he lived in the Dojo studying full time Kyokushinkai Karate, Kendo and Judo.

Dennis May Break

Dennis May Break

In 1977 he made his first of many trips to study Okinawa Goju Ryu in Japan living at the famous Yoyogi Dojo.

Upon returning to New Zealand he opened his first Dojo at the Auckland University.

He is now responsible for the technical standards of NZOGKA Goju Ryu Karate and regularly travels through out New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the World conducting training seminars and gradings.

Dennis May Break

Dennis May Kick

In 1975 as a young Kyokushinkai student he won his division at the Full Contact Karate Championships at the Auckland YMCA.

His major achievement as a competitor was in 1978, a silver medal in the All Style Tokyo Championships.

Dennis May World Champs

Dennis May, World Champs.

He later captained the NZ Team to Japan to win a Bronze Medal in Kumite at the Okinawa World Championships in 1981. He has been four times NZ Champion and has held numerous Australasian titles.

Shihan May over recent years has become a popular instructor conducting seminars and gradings in many countries including Russia, Spain, USA, South Africa, Cook Islands, Fiji and Australia.

At the 1997 Okinawa Karate Kobudo World Tournament he was selected on to the World Referee Council and has been an International Referee and Kata Judge at many International competitions.

Dennis May - Okinawa Dojo

Dennis May, Okinawa Dojo

Each year he travels to Okinawa to train at the Jundokan Dojo.

Dennis May - Okinawa Dojo

Dennis May 8th degree black belt

He was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt and Awarded the Kyoshi Degree directly by Grand Master Eiichi Miyazato, 10th Dan at the Jundokan Okinawa.

He is currently the New Zealand Senior Mens National Kumite Coach for the WKF World Championships and has trained many New Zealand and Oceania Champions.

In 2002 Sensei May was inducted into the New Zealand, Australasian and World Karate Union Hall of Fame.