Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate


Hanshi Nakamoto visit 2016
posted: 20th May 2016

Hanshi Nakamoto visits Auckland and Katikati, in May 2016.

posted: 21st November 2015

Tickets can be bought from NZ Okinawa Kan Dojo Instructors. Ticket Price is $15 for all 3 days (includes Family of 2 Adults & 2 Children)

Robbie Smith Passes Away
posted: 23rd May 2014

It is with deep sorrow that we advise the Karate community of the untimely and tragic passing of Robbie Smith. Robbie was an immensely talented Karate ka who has made a huge contribution to Karate in New Zealand and internationally. We, his wider Karate family, join his immediate family in mourning the loss of our much loved and respected brother. We will all miss him dearly.

Shihan Dennis May visits Hanshi Nakamoto's Honbu Dojo.
posted: 21st September 2013

Dan Grading 2013
posted: 21st September 2013

Dan Grading 2013 at Honbu Dojo.

Hanshi Nakamoto and Shihan May
posted: 21st September 2013

Hanshi Nakamoto and Shihan Dennis May

Sempai Grant Faulkner Passes Away
posted: December 2012

A Word from Sensei
posted: February 2011

A few words from Sensei Dennis May about past and upcoming events.

Okinawa Trip August 2009
posted: Sept. 2009

In August this year, Shihan Dennis May and 16 members travelled to Okinawa to attend the World Traditional Karate Tournament and Masters' seminars, and also the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyokai seminar and memorial demonstrations.

Dunedin Gasshuku
posted: December 2009

In December, Shihan May assisted by Sensei Thanasi Balaphas and Sensei Karin Tempelhoff, conducted a gasshuku at our Milton dojo.

This was very well attended and a very good standard was achieved. During the Gasshuku all the members did 1100 press-ups!!! and were encouraged by Shihan to always push themselves even harder.

Junior Black Belt Grading
posted: December 2009

On Wednesday 2nd December Shihan May conducted a junior black belt grading of 5 Honbu Dojo students.

Honbu Dojo Grading
posted: December 2009

Henderson Honbu Dojo had a Senior Kyu grading at the beginning of December.

While Shihans' May and Turner were pleased with the level of commitment and proficiency of the kyu grades, Shihan May reminded all that graded that the bar has been raised and they must strive to deserve the belt they now wear. Below are some of the new brown belts.

Black and Brown Belt Seminar and BBQ
posted: November 2009

The last Sunday in November was our last black & brown belt seminar for 2009.

Katikati Community Demonstration
posted: 2009

The Auckland students who accompanied Shihan Dennis May to Katikati, along with the students from the Katikati dojo, put on a demonstration in front of the local fire station for the community.

Katikati Dojo Grading
posted: 2009

Earlier this year in the beginning of May, Sensei Jason Sandford started a Dojo running out of the Wrestling Hall in Katikati, Bay of Plenty.

Okinawa Visit 2005
posted: June 2005

In June 2005, Shihan Dennis May and 7 other members visited Okinawa and Tokyo. During their stay in Tokyo, they trained with Seiro Aragaki Shihan, Chief Instructor of the Yoyogi Dojo. In Okinawa, the New Zealand group trained at the Honbu Dojo of Hichiya Sensei and other O.G.K.K. dojo around Okinawa.

New Zealand Open 2005
posted: 2005

Congratulations to our team for winning 20 Medals at the 2005 New Zealand Open

2005 Commonwealth Karate Championship
posted: 2005

Congratulations to our medallists at the 2005 Commonwealth Karate Championships

In Memory of Reiko Kunimatsu
posted: 2003

It is with much sadness that we inform you of the tragic death of Reiko Kunimatsu in early 2003.