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Shihan Peter Turner
 - Nanadan (7th Dan)

Instructor - Shihan Peter Turner

Shihan Turner commenced training over 30 years ago in Dunedin, training under Sensei Bob Cahill in Kyokushinkaikan Karate.

He moved to Auckland in the late 70's and continued his training under Shihan Dennis May, who at that time was teaching at the Auckland University dojo.

The training back then was extremely hard, during that time Sensei Turner competed in many tournaments and won a Kick-Boxing title.

In 1981, Shihan Turner was a member of the NZ Team that toured Okinawa and Tokyo. They won Bronze in the Teams Event at the World Goju Ryu Championships.

Sensei Turner has trained many times in Okinawa and was graded 5th dan directly under Grandmaster Eiichi Miyazato Sensei (10th dan) & 6th Dan under Koshin Iha Sensei (10th Dan). He was recently graded 7th Dan under Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto.

Sensei Turner is renowned for his hojo-undo and bunkai teachings and is the head instructor at the Henderson dojo the Honbu dojo of the Auckland Goju Ryu Karate Association.

He is also a Vice-President of the International Goju Ryu Karate Association (I.G.K.A ) and a member of the IGKA Technical Council.

Shihan Peter Turner Shihan Peter Turner Shihan Peter Turner

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