NZ Okinawa Goju Ryu - Instructor Profile

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Sensei Gerard Jackson
 - Godan (5th Dan)

Instructor - Sensei Gerard Jackson

Gerard Jackson started Judo in 1965 at the Dunedin YMCA, later moving to Wellington in 1973, he continued Judo training at the Wellington Boxing Gym.

Gerard started Budokan Karate in 1974, progressing to Yellow belt before moving back to Dunedin in 1975, where he trained in Kyokushinkai Karate.

After again moving back to Wellington in 1977, he first met Sensei Dennis May at the John Jarvis Rembuden dojo in Newton.

Gerard then moved to Auckland and started training in Goju Ryu, training firstly at the Auckland University, then later at the Henderson and Glenfield dojos.

Gerard travelled to Okinawa in July 1999 where he obtained his 4th dan from Sensei Eiichi Miyazato. He was recently graded to 5th Dan under Hanshi Kiichi Nakumoto.

After returning from Okinawa, he formed the Westmere Karate club, running for over 5 years.

A Health and Safety Officer with the NZ Navy, Gerard continues with training and teaching karate as time permits.

Sensei Gerard graded to 5th Dan in 2013 under Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto.

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